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I have two broken teeth and I need someone to help me pay my bills for my upcoming dental surgery.... Are there any philanthropists out here that are willing to help me to finance the funds? I am unemployed and do not know any resources out here and what programs are available, if anyone knows of any non-profits/organizations then let me know, please, I am desperate, and fed up with living life like this in constant pain and stress about my dental care surgery and this is just a huge ordeal, it's even starting to weigh on every aspect of my life.... I have been struggling with this for almost ten years now.... HELP, IT IS REALLY AN EMERGENCY.... BECAUSE MY SURGERY IS AT THE END OF THIS MONTH IN MARCH 2014.... I have two broken teeth on the right side of my mouth, and the one on top is impacted and infected, with green and yellow bubble of pus, and the teeth are so broken, THAT fragments of the top tooth is broken up and stuck up into my gum, and sticking out and everything.... The bottom tooth has the bone in the guns receding and eroding away.... my jaw is slowly receding.... Please feel free to contact me, at anytime, and I am always available to discuss help, it is never too late, I am always up, and we can talk more about how you plan to assist me with finances.... I will give you more details on my particular dental situation.... Any donations would definitely be appreciated very much, as this situation is impacting my life, in quite a very negative way.... I am very friendly and open to any kind of help that one can give me.... I have already prepared my research of a decent place and the amount is minimal....
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